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Tract Distribution Tips

  • Place tracts on your church's tract rack or book table.
  • Place tape on tracts and stick them on mailboxes, doors, walls, and public notice boards.
  • Place tracts in magazine racks. Slip some between the pages of magazines so they fall out when the magazine is picked up.
  • Enclose tracts with correspondence, or send them anonymously.
  • Tie elastic bands to tracts and attach them to tree branches, vines, fences, and doorknobs.
  • Leave tracts in waiting rooms of doctors and dentists, at hospitals, barber shops/beauty salons, coffee shops, laundromats, and libraries.
  • Leave a tract with a tip to a waitress or waiter.
  • Leave tracts in restroom stalls where they can be read in privacy.
  • Leave tracts at highway rest stops interspersed in stacks of brochures.
  • Leave tracts in drawers of motel rooms where they won't be seen by the cleaning persons and get thrown away.

Note: Credit for some of these tips is given to James Russell Publishing and Tracts4Free.

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