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"Ye have not, because ye ask not."—James 4:2
"Ask, and it shall be given you."—Matthew 7:7
"Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them."—Ezekiel 36:37.

The following are prayer requests that have arrived on recent "Free Offer" forms & via email. Only submissions from folks on ELM's mailing list are being accepted (if permission was granted). In some cases specific names may be removed or replaced with "xxxx" (God-Only-Wise knows the details). The most recent ones are toward the top. We would encourage all to save this page as a "favorite"—visit it here & there—and pray for the needs of your brothers & sisters in Christ. Click here to add this page to your Favorites (<--this may not work on all browsers).

  • I am a single mom of three teenage sons. We attend church and I am a believer--a church member for all my Christian life. Need wisdom in raising sons and they need God to be a father to them. They are believers as well. May the Lord bless you!— Linda from NY.

  • I live in the southern most tip of Texas (Rio Grande Valley) and have been praying that God in His providence would send a "Reformed Baptist" preacher to come start at work here.— Donald from TX.

  • That I would be more gentle--used more by our Lord and that I would develop an income by day trading. Thanks so much.— Joe from TX.

  • Please pray for my health please. Pray that God may use my life for His glory. I am seeking for a good opportunity to serve God. May God guide me and use me according to His plan.— Amit from India

  • Please pray for my husband Paul who feels he has not been saved by God. Pray God would do a work in his heart and redeem him as His own. — Lisa from IL.

  • Please pray for my wife and daughter's salvation and that God will continue to open doors and provide financially for my ministry. I'm on SSDI and finances are very tight. I require no financial obligations from the places I go to. Where God leads God provides. God bless.—  Charles from NJ.

  • (1) Grace of God upon my life and ministry (2) Anointing to preach and teach His word (3) Financial breakthrough (4) Restoration of all I lost in life and ministry, including my family (5) Success in life and ministry.— Enugu from Nigeria.

  • Thank you! Please pray for my health and peace of mind. Blessings— Jeffrey from CA.

  • Please pray for my many unsaved family and extended family members. Blessings and love.— Joel from WI.

  • Pray for my mother and my son. She has heart trouble and my son needs a job. He has been trying so hard. God bless.— Tom from AL.

  • Please pray for my friend and sister in Christ, Dorothy, to be healed from pain. Salvation for my children and grandchildren.— Eva Lee from OR.

  • Asking for God's divine will to be fulfilled in my life, divine wisdom to do the will of God, protection and guidance, a new job. — Robert from TX.

  • Please pray for my health to continue to improve as I am challenged by living with two brain tumors and a seizure disorder caused by the tumors. — Harold from PA.

  • The prison ministry I am involved with. Many denominations. Some of us are reformed. Most are Arminian. Thank you for everything.— Gary from MO.

  • Continued prayers please for Pastor Dan of Bend Oregon OPC church. He was in a serious motorcycle accident the end of September. At one point the doctor said there was no more hope, but the Lord proved differently! He has a long road of healing ahead but is making amazing strides. Please also keep his wife Sharon and son Joe in your prayers. Thanks so much.

  • Pray for our small church that the Lord would add to our church.— GA.

  • Pray for recovery from stroke and heart attack so that I can again work for the Kingdom in the ministry He desires so that I can be a faithful steward of the gifts He has placed in my care. Pray for those that can be mentored for the Kingdom, that they come into my midst and that I will have the spiritual eyes to see them and invest in them for His sake.— William from ME.

  • Please pray that we might find a local church where the preaching is not shallow and God dishonoring. There are probably 20 Baptist churches within 20 miles we can't find one of like faith and practice.— Jim from NY.

  • Pray for healing of my marriage and family for the glory of God! Thank you.— Jeff from IN.

  • Please pray for my ministry as well. I'm serving God as an academic dean in South India Bible College & Seminary in Coimbatore, Taminadu, India. And I also have a church planting ministry in the city among immigrant workers.— Lalminthang.

  • Please pray for the salvation of my three children--Caroline, Marshall and Anna Grace. Thank you very much— MS.

  • Please pray for my Zearah for a job here in the Baton Rouge area. Been searching since April 2013.— LA.

  • Please pray for my husband Paul's salvation.— IL.

  • Please pray for me. I have End-Stage Renal Disease and on dialysis.— Curtis from MS.

  • That the Lord would be pleased to start a reformed baptist church in this city. Casa Grande, AZ.

  • Please pray for my family, that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.— Hamilcar from CA.

  • Dear friends in Christ: over my 13 years of ministry here, our Lord has drawn members to the doctrines of grace. All of our elders are so committed and will only support the addition of new elders who are in agreement with these truths. My big concern now is we grow as a witnessing, worshipping and purity-seeking people who refuse to be conformed to this world. Pray that God grants us great fruitfulness here in the middle of Montana.

  • Please, continue to pray for the salvation/conversion of our wayward daughter, Elizabeth and her husband.— MO.

  • God called us to go and minister in the Western Cape Province of South Africa and we did put our house on the market to be sold and for almost a year we do get offers but every time the buyers cannot produce the finances to buy our property. Will you please pray with us that God would send us the right buyer. Thank you and we pray God's blessings on you.— Philip

  • Pray that I will have peace with God & that He will give me the joy of my salvation again.— Dennis from OK.

  • Robert, to be released from harmful drugs. To follow Christ as a new born Christian. God bless all!— CA.

  • I am asking for physical healing prayer for my good friend Benjamin who is 35 years old and suffering from blood clots in his lungs, kidney disease/scrofum pain, severe headaches, asthma, a chronic sinus condition and what was diagnosed as Bipolar disorder (since childhood). Please pray that God's grace, love and tender mercies flow from above in His time and strengthen and restore Benjamin in body, mind and soul.— IL.

  • I have just introduced my pastor to the sermons of Pastor Martin and he has responded quite favorably. We are longing for a "reformation" in our area.— TX.

  • A job needed badly.— Steven from RI.

  • Relief from pain. Thank you.— Jeffrey from CA.

  • I ask humbly for our great God to deliver me from the financial debts that I have incurred over the many years. I admit my worldiness in this sinful thing and repent as one that knows I have sinned against HIM and only desire to KNOW and LOVE HIM. Please join me in prayer that as for me and my house we shall serve the LORD. Amen and THANK YOU for being faithful to HIM.— Richard from FL.

  • Pray for humility in my walk with the Lord.— Daniel from GA.

  • God bless your work and may He add workers to the vineyard.— England.

  • Our ministry to women with disabilities in West Africa has seen much spiritual fruit and changed lives among the women we serve, but also much opposition. We are hosting our first fundraising banquet on September 8th to begin raising funds to construct the New HOPE Centre--a cooperative workshop and training centre for women. Please pray that the Lord would bring just the right people to the banquet and move on the hearts He has chosen to participate in what He is doing in the lives of these precious woman. Please also pray for our staff--in Sierra Leone and in the US--for perseverance, strength and wisdom as we walk alongside these women.— MS.

  • Pray for an evangelism program we are about to have in our country in the University of Lome for students that the Lord will use this program to save many souls— Togo.

  • I am single caregiver (17 yrs) for my mom (89 years old) who is a dialysis patient for nearly 12 years. I used to work at night and getting her to dialysis and her dialysis appointments was a lot easier. I lost that job and have another job now in the daytime, and the pressure of caring for my mom, getting to work, getting her to dialysis (at 5am) and her physician appointments--I can't even go to the doctor for myself--is wearing me out. Please pray for us. Bless you and your ministry. — NY.

  • Please pray for the spiritual darkness in Massachusetts to be conquered by the glory of God. Pray that God would raise up men to preach His Word, so that the eyes of the blind be opened, deaf ears will hear, and hearts of stone will be removed and replaced with hearts that love the Lord Jesus Christ. God has truly judged our state by giving them over to their own wills to do what ought not to be done, by loving sin and getting approval to all against God, and therefore God has justly sent a famine on the land. Pray that He would be exalted through His people as they boldly stand on Christ and His Word.— pastor in MA.

  • That I may faithfully preach the gospel in all its fullness.— NY.

  • Pray for our son who is living a prodigal life and is serving in the US Armed Forces. Thanks!— NC.

  • I would appreciate prayer as I continue to seek His face for strength to minister and to love my wife and children and to patiently await the opportunities for further ministry He has for me. I, as of recent, believe the Lord is calling me to plant a reformed, baptistic, family integrated local church in Shepherdsville, KY. Prayers for counsel, widom, resources, etc. is requested.

  • Please pray the Lord would save my parents even in their old age.— OH.

  • (1) Revival in Christ's Church, beginning with each of us (2) Our unsaved grandchildren: conviction and conversion (3) Our journeys to visit them and others: guided, guarded travel and wise, gracious behavior and speech. Thank you all.— OH.

  • (1) Salvation for Nathan and Sarah (2) Safe move to Texas for Cory and Ashley (3) Sale of my business— MO.

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